Graphic patterns

We have created a suite of graphic patterns for use within divisional communications. These patterns are based on the expertise and craft that goes into Currency design and innovative Authentication solutions.
The fine detailed patterns add sophistication and depth to our visual identity. There are two patterns each for Currency and Authentication materials. These patterns should not be used for any other purpose and should only be used by the division specified for each.
To ensure consistency throughout communications, all patterns are provided as vector artwork and should not be edited or recreated.


Pattern 1 - Brand Protection

Graphics Auth pattern 1



Pattern 2 - Government

AUTH_Pattern 2 web



Pattern 1

CURR_Pattern 1 web



Pattern 2

CURR_Pattern 2 web


These images are  not suitable to use as artwork as they are low resolution, non-transparent rasters.. Appropriate artwork can be found in the Brand Resources SharePoint, or can be made available to external users on request


To ensure the patterns have an elegant and consistent visual approach, we use individual transparency settings, as shown here, when placing each pattern artwork into design layouts.
When overlaying gradients onto patterns, there should be some gradual transparency at the bottom of the block, so that the pattern is subtly visible beneath. This is achieved using the gradient feather tool on the lower half of the block, as illustrated opposite.
To ensure legibility of our logo, it should be placed onto a solid De La Rue Blue block over the top of the pattern.
For guidance on using the gradients in application layouts, visit the Elements > Gradients page. 


Pattern 1: 100% opacity

Opacities Auth 100% #1



Pattern 2: 50% opacity

AUTH_Pattern 2 50pc opacity web



Pattern 1: 50% opacity

CURR_Pattern 1 50pc opacity web



Pattern 2: 50% opacity

CURR_Pattern 2 50pc opacity web


What not to do

In order for the patterns to reinforce a sense of expertise and sophistication throughout our division communications, they need to be applied consistently across all De La Rue communications. 

These examples show ways in which the patterns should not be used.

Pattern no-go #1

1. Do not change colour

Pattern no-go #2

2. Do not change line weight

Pattern no-go #3.1

3. Do not place on other colour backgrounds

Pattern no-go #4.1

4. Do not place on white background

Pattern no-go #3

5. Do not place over other gradients

Pattern no-go #4

6. Do not place over imagery

Pattern no-go #7

7. Do not place text directly over patterns

Pattern no-go #8

8. Do not stretch or distort