Purpose, vision, mission and values

Our purpose, vision, mission and values are the foundation for our corporate messaging as well as guiding how we operate and manage our business.

Our purpose (why we exist)

We secure trust between people, businesses and governments.

Our vision (what our ambition is)

To enable every business and citizen to participate securely in the global economy and to support a world where people are protected from the impact of counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Our mission (how we achieve our ambition)

To provide highly secure physical and digital solutions that underpin the integrity of economies and trade. To do this by being the trusted partner of choice for governments, central banks and businesses seeking to secure their global supply chains and cash cycles.

Our values (how we expect everyone to behave)

Trust & Transparency

We deliver on our promises to each other, our customers and shareholders. We are honest and transparent and always act with integrity.

Customer Focus

We seek to understand the needs of our customer be that internal or external, through insight and data, we challenge the speed of delivery and quality of output to exceed their expectation.

Collaboration - We are inclusive and embrace differences, working together to deliver results through our collective knowledge.


We challenge ourselves and each other to deliver the best results we can, to continuously improve and to learn from our mistakes. We are courageous and don’t shy away from difficult situations.

Problem Solving & Innovation

We create solutions that solve real challenges by applying new thinking and concepts for both ourselves and our customers.