Our graphic system

Our graphic system is the way in which we bring all of our visual identity elements together. It is constructed to reflect our brand messaging and our visual identity concept.

We use a baseline grid as a strong foundation on which our elements are placed within solid blocks, to build dynamic layouts.

Our baseline grid can flex across landscape and portrait applications, as illustrated here. For irregular applications a smaller portion of these grids can be used.


Widescreen landscape materials should use a base grid consisting of 12 rows and 24 columns



Currency_Pattern 2_A4L


A4 Landscape materials should use a base grid consisting of 18 columns and 14 rows

partial grid example web

Any other irregular size materials can use a portion of the most appropriate base grid

Our graphic system: usage

Our graphic system allows for flexible placement and interaction of elements within blocks. 

Our blocks can be a solid colour or used to hold photography, typography and gradients. 

Global and divisional applications use De La Rue Blue background, whereas internal and flex communications use a lot of white space. 

Blocks holding text should always be placed on top of any other overlapping blocks.

When creating global or division applications, the gradient is always used, however it should only be accompanied by one other element – either an image or a graphic pattern. 

Please use the principles as illustrated here to create application layouts.

Overarching global brand

Global_16-9 cover option_upgrade

- De La Rue Blue background
- Enabling thriving society image
- Product detail image
- Global gradient block holding headline
- Supporting coloured blocks

Internal and flex

Internal cover option A4P

Use the same general principles as overarching global brand with a few exceptions:

- Images should be specifically selected based on the content of the piece
- Division labelling may be required
- For further examples of flex communications, visit the Flex page here

Division level

AUTH_PPT_Product in society

- De La Rue Blue background
- Product in society image
- Gradient coloured block
- Divisional tagging system


CURR_PPT option 1

- De La Rue Blue background
- Graphic pattern with clear space for logo
- Gradient coloured block
- Divisional tagging system

Division product level


- De La Rue Blue background
- Product detail image
- Gradient coloured block
- Divisional tagging system


2023 Master deck_CURR_opt 1-1

- De La Rue Blue background
- Product detail image
- Gradient coloured block
- Divisional tagging system

What not to do

In order for our graphic system to reinforce our brand message and concept throughout our communications, it needs to be applied consistently across all De La Rue materials.

These examples show ways in which the graphic system should not be used.

WNTD Graphic system 1

1. Do not use more than two images per composition

WNTD Graphic system 2

2. Do not use large blocks of or too many supporting colours

WNTD Graphic system 3

3. Do not use graphic patterns in combination with imagery

WNTD Graphic system 4

4. Do not use supporting colours in background