The "Tommy head" logo represents our founder Thomas De La Rue and has been a constant in one form or another for many years

Our logo represents De La Rue's sense of heritage, identity and ability to change with time

Our Logo

Appearance and colours

Primary logos

Our primary logo consists of the De La Rue silhouette symbol, held within a keyline oval, with the De La Rue wordmark stacked beneath. We have two colour versions of our primary logo – De La Rue Blue and a reversed-out White version.

Primary logo examples







Logo on colour

Our logos will most commonly be used on either White or De La Rue Blue backgrounds. The logo should not be placed on any other coloured backgrounds. When selecting which colour version to use, please follow the rules for accessibility found at the bottom of the colour page.

Logo - on colour






Reversed logo

We have a simplified version of the logo, which should only be used in special circumstances, for example large-scale  signage.

reversed logo


5 simplified examples-1


5 signage




logo placement


Our logo should be placed in the top left-hand corner.
In special circumstances, the logo may be used as a sign-off in the bottom right-hand corner, for example on a social media post.

Exclusion zone

When placing the logo make sure the exclusion zone is always followed.

The exclusion zone is two-times the height of the De La Rue wordmark, all the way around the logo.

Logo exclusion zone-1



To ensure recognition and legibility, our logo should be used at the sizes suggested on this page. For digital applications, please use the closest equivalent size in pixels as a guide.
It should never appear smaller than the minimum size of 10mm/28px in height.
logo sizing-1


What not to do

Our logo is one of our most  important visual assets and should always be used in a clear and legible setting. 
To keep our brand and logo recognisable, please do not alter the logo in any way and ensure it is always placed on a clear background.
Our logo should never be used in a way where it can be defaced, damaged or spoiled. 
Here are some examples of how our logo should not be used.


2 3 4
1. Do not squash or distort 2. Do not use with alternative wordmark 3. Do not use without wordmark 4. Do not use other colourways






No keyline

5. Do not place on complex patterns 6. Do not place on complex imagery

7. Do not place the logo on a gradient background. Unless designing for a mobile app icon

8. Do not remove the keyline from the logo 

DLR WHN hologram Spotlight


11 branded floormat



9.  Do not use the logo as a design motif without approval from Marketing

This also contravenes examples 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

This is an old piece of work which is no longer used

10. Should not use the logo as an outline stroke  

This also contravenes examples 3, 8 and 9

This is a past example

11. Our logo should never be used in a way where it can be defaced, damaged or spoiled. eg a floor mat

This also contravenes example 9 and the correct usage of the reversed logo for large scale applications

The logo should only appear in De La Rue blue, or white

This contravenes example 4 - "do not use other colourways to depict the De La Rue logo" 

This is a past example 

Special examples

Only place the keyline logo on a gradient background for use with mobile apps. This is to help the icon stand out visually on a mobile device home page. 
App icon-1